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Have you ever just gotten bored playing Madden 23? Whenever this happens to me, I start searching on the web for fun Madden 23 franchise ideas.

I have come across some fun Madden 23 franchise ideas on Reddit. I would recommend checking out Reddit by doing a Google search for “fun Madden 23 franchise ideas Reddit”. Or here is a link to an example of one.

fun Madden 23 franchise ideas.

However, I wanted to start a series where I share and track any of the fun Madden 23 franchise ideas that I try personally.

Tonight, I am going to be trying a really fun Madden 23 franchise idea! Basically, I am going to find a downloadable file for the most up-to-date roster (I already did this, but I am just explaining the steps).

Then, I am going to pick one of the 5 worst teams overall to relocate and rebuild. However, I am still going to play and manage some of the first year. The reason is, the Madden 23 challenge here is to cut/trade away EVERYONE.

Madden 23 Challenge

After doing that, you are going to sign all players 67 or under. You can also trade for them. You can get anyone who is 67 and under. You will also want to trade for 3 picks in every round using the players on your roster. These will be the picks that build your relocated team, as we will skip the first off-season Madden 23 free agency.

No trading or signing anyone in your first off-season. Only re-signing players and Madden 23 draft. After that, you can do anything the following off-season. But in your first year you want to try and build up some low overall young players to re-sign to bring with you when you relocate.

For my first team, I am currently considering a Tyrod Taylor/Malik Willis combo since it is obvious the Titans have moved on from Willis. And I always like Tyrod Taylor. I will share more details as this progresses tonight!

If you start this challenge too, let us know how it goes and some of your starting choices 67 and under in their Madden 23 ratings.

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FAQs About Fun Madden 23 Franchise Ideas

What is the best franchise to build in Madden 23?

The best franchise to build in Madden 23 depends on your personal preferences and play style. Some popular choices among players include teams with young and talented rosters, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, or Buffalo Bills. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which team you find the most interesting and enjoyable to build.

How to make Madden 23 franchise realistic?

To make Madden 23 franchise mode more realistic, you can try the following ideas:

  • Set realistic goals and expectations for your team.
  • Follow real-life NFL rules and guidelines.
  • Use realistic trade and free agency strategies.
  • Simulate games rather than play every game manually.
  • Pay attention to player development and roster management.
  • Consider injuries and other factors that affect real-life teams.
  • Customize sliders and settings to balance gameplay.

Is Face of the Franchise in Madden 23 worth playing?

Whether Face of the Franchise (FOTF) in Madden 23 is worth playing depends on your personal preferences. FOTF is a single-player mode where you create a player and guide them through their career. It offers a narrative-driven experience with a mix of gameplay and cinematic elements. If you enjoy creating and developing a player’s story, FOTF can be a fun mode to explore.

Is Madden 23 franchise mode better?

The quality of Madden 23’s franchise mode compared to previous versions can vary depending on individual opinions and expectations. Madden 23 introduced new features and improvements, such as enhanced scouting, staff management, and gameplay enhancements. However, it’s important to note that the perception of “better” can vary among different players.

How do you make Madden more fun?

To make Madden more fun, you can:

  • Experiment with different teams and play styles.
  • Try new game modes, such as franchise mode, Ultimate Team, or online multiplayer.
  • Create custom challenges or scenarios for yourself.
  • Participate in online leagues or tournaments.
  • Explore community-created content, such as custom rosters or mods.
  • Play with friends in local or online multiplayer.

What is the salary cap in Madden 23 franchise?

The specific salary cap value in Madden 23 franchise mode may vary depending on the game’s settings and updates. In the real NFL, the salary cap is determined by the league each season, and Madden usually aims to replicate that. The franchise mode in Madden typically provides you with the current salary cap value for the selected season.

Who has the most cap room in Madden 23?

The team with the most cap room in Madden 23 franchise mode can vary based on the specific season you are playing and any potential roster changes made in the game’s updates. The cap room is influenced by player contracts, trades, and other transactions. It’s advisable to check the in-game team rosters and salary cap information to determine which team has the most cap room in your specific Madden 23 season.

Which teams can relocate right away in Madden 23?

You can relocate any team right away setting the relocation settings to “All Users” before starting your franchise or by going to franchise settings after starting your Madden 23 franchise mode file.

What team has the best defense in Madden 23?

The team with the best defense in Madden 23 can be subjective and may vary depending on roster updates and individual play styles. However, some teams that are traditionally known for having strong defenses in Madden 23 include the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, and San Francisco 49ers. These teams often have standout players and solid defensive schemes that can make them formidable opponents in the game.

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Which Madden had the best franchise?

Opinions on which Madden game had the best franchise mode can vary among players. Each Madden game brings its own set of features and improvements to the franchise mode. Some popular versions known for their strong franchise modes include Madden NFL 2005, Madden NFL 06, and Madden NFL 10. Ultimately, the best Madden franchise game is a matter of personal preference, as different players may have different favorites based on their experiences and gameplay desires.

I hope these answers help you with your Madden 23 franchise ideas! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Also, stay tuned for more cool and fun Madden 23 franchise ideas! You can share your own in the comments if you want!

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